Theme/Plugin Installation

Install a Theme Using WordPress Admin Theme Search #

To start, log into your WordPress website and go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress dashboard and click Add New. Into the ‘Search themes…’ field, Type BizDirectory.

When you see the BizDirectory theme, simply hover your mouse over the theme’s image. This will reveal the Install, Preview, and ‘Details & Preview’ buttons.

Go ahead and click on the ‘Install’ button. WordPress will now install your theme.

Plugins Required for the theme #

After theme installation, you’ll see a notification with recommended plugins that you should install if you want to get full functionality of a theme. Go to Appearance/Install Plugins and you will see the list of plugins you need to install.

Plugins required and recommended for the theme #

  • Directorist
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Themes Artist Demo Importer

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