Podcastin is the best Podcasting WordPress theme made specifically for podcasters, music bands, vlogs, and other multimedia websites.Podcasts are growing in popularity and starting your own podcast can be a great way to grow your brand, connect with your target audience, or simply entertain your listeners. The Podcastin theme is user-friendly, empowering you to easily customize layouts, showcase episodes, and engage with your audience effortlessly.

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Features not included in Free Version

  • Series Showcase
  • Speakers Showcase
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Video Banner
  • Multiple Social Links
  • Multiple Episodes Showcase
  • Multiple Episodes Layout
  • Testimonials Showcase
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Podcastin Pro + Theme Installation Service


What's Included?

  • Podcastin Pro Theme
  • We will Install the WordPress Theme you purchaed
  • We will Activate theme with license key
  • We will Install and configure all the required and recommended plugins
  • We will Import Demo content and make your site look exactly like the demo
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After Purchasing the Theme Installation Service, Create a ticket through our Support Portal, titled “Purchased WordPress theme installation service” and send us your Website url and Website login credentials (login username and password) and we will set up the theme for you.

Built With Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin

Podcastin, powered by the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin, embodies the essence of seamless and user-friendly podcast creation. This innovative theme redefines the podcasting experience by integrating the robust features of the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin, offering creators an unparalleled platform to share their stories, insights, and expertise with the world. The theme’s design is thoughtfully curated to enhance both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a visually engaging and intuitively navigable interface. From customizable episode layouts to user-friendly audio players, Podcastin prioritizes accessibility and ease of use, allowing creators to focus on content creation rather than technical intricacies.
Premium Feature

Series Showcase

Podcastin, a captivating theme expertly crafted around the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin, sets a new standard for showcasing podcast series with unparalleled elegance. This theme seamlessly integrates the robust features of the plugin to offer creators a visually stunning and organized platform for presenting their podcast series. Podcastin’s design places a premium on aesthetics, employing a sleek and intuitive layout that beautifully highlights the diversity and continuity of podcast episodes within a series. From elegant series banners to easily navigable episode lists, Podcastin ensures a visually immersive experience for users, enhancing the storytelling aspect of podcasting.
Premium Feature

Speakers Showcase

Podcastin, a cutting-edge theme designed for podcasters, excels in presenting speakers with a perfect blend of style and functionality. This theme provides creators with a dynamic and visually engaging platform to showcase the diverse voices within their podcast series. Whether highlighting industry experts, thought leaders, or guest speakers, Podcastin sets a new standard for speaker visibility, providing a sophisticated and immersive experience that resonates with both creators and audiences alike.”
Premium Feature

Mailchimp Integration

Podcastin, an advanced theme tailored for podcast enthusiasts, seamlessly integrates with Mailchimp, setting a new standard for audience engagement and content distribution. This theme goes beyond conventional podcasting platforms by incorporating Mailchimp Integration, allowing creators to effortlessly connect with their audience through newsletters and updates. Podcastin’s intuitive design seamlessly integrates Mailchimp’s robust features, enabling podcasters to build and manage their subscriber lists seamlessly.
Premium Feature

Video Banner

Podcastin, an innovative theme at the forefront of podcasting design, introduces a dynamic and immersive dimension with its integrated video banner feature. Going beyond traditional audio-centric themes, Podcastin enhances the podcasting experience by seamlessly incorporating captivating video banners. This feature allows creators to showcase visually stunning and attention-grabbing content at the top of their podcast pages, providing a unique and engaging introduction to their audience.
Premium Feature

Multiple Social Links

Podcastin, a cutting-edge theme designed for podcast enthusiasts, takes social connectivity to the next level with its integrated Multiple Social Links feature. Going beyond the standard, Podcastin enables creators to seamlessly connect with their audience across various platforms, enhancing the podcasting experience. With customizable social link options, podcasters can effortlessly share their episodes, engage with listeners, and expand their online presence. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks, Podcastin empowers creators to curate a comprehensive online presence by displaying multiple social links prominently.

Core Theme Features

One Click Demo Import

Podcastin offers a streamlined and efficient experience with its one-click demo import feature. With just a single click, users can replicate the demo version of the theme, complete with its layout, design elements, and sample content.

Podcast Player Customization

Podcastin, a forward-thinking theme tailored for podcast creators, introduces a new level of personalized engagement with its sophisticated Podcast Player Customization feature. This innovative aspect of the theme empowers creators to tailor the podcast player to match their brand aesthetic seamlessly.

No coding knowledge required

Podcastin is a user-friendly solution that empowers individuals to create stunning websites without the need for any coding knowledge. With an intuitive interface and a range of customizable elements, users can effortlessly design and personalize their websites

Integrated analytics

Podcastin, a cutting-edge theme tailored for podcast creators, goes beyond the ordinary by seamlessly integrating robust analytics tools, setting a new standard for insightful performance tracking. With its embedded podcast Integrated Analytics, Podcastin empowers creators to gain valuable insights into their podcast's reach and impact.

Manage your RSS feed

Podcastin stands out as a comprehensive and efficient theme for podcast creators, offering a seamless solution to manage and optimize your RSS feed. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, Podcastin simplifies the process of maintaining and enhancing your podcast RSS feed.

SEO Optimized

This theme takes website visibility to the next level with its SEO-optimized design. Built with search engine optimization best practices in mind, it ensures that your website ranks well on search engine results pages, driving organic traffic.

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