Import Demo Content

Go to Appearance/ Install Plugin and install and activate the recommended plugins from there

Important: Before Importing demo content, Go to Job Manager/Settings and then go to the Job Listings Tab and find Categories, and then check the Enable listing categories.

After installing and activating all plugins, go to Dashboard/ Appearance/ Import Demo Data. From there you can import demo content for Merojob

After importing demo content, You may want to enable the search by region option since the Demo site has Search by region functionality hence the Job Search functionality mayn’t show the Job Listings after search. So go to the Job Manager/Settings/ Job Listings tab and go to the last option “Search by region”, and check it. If you don’t want to Search by region functionality, You can ignore this and you can create new Job Listings with Location instead of Search by Region.

Permalink Settings #

Go to Settings/Permalinks and set the permalink structure to Post Name and Save Changes

Selecting Job Pages #

After Importing demo content go to Job Manager / Settings/ Pages Tab. There you will have to select the job Pages. Select the pages as shown in the screenshot below

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